Cana-pot™ is designed to grow your cannabis

What is a Cana-pot™


It's a patented containerized self-growing gardening system with a built-in fully automated pressurized plumbing system that waters your plants for you. The internal plumbing valves distribute water and nutrients to your cannabis plants to help build enormous fungal communities that plants love. It requires virtually no human intervention. Cana-pot™ grows more cannabis in less square feet than any other growing system in the world.  Cana-pot™ is fully automated and uses ninety-five percent less water, space, soil, fertilizers, tools, and more. 



Cana-pot™ is the most reliable growing system in the world

Plants grow fuller and live longer

Cana-pot™  provides an environment which empowers  cannabis plants to achieve their full potential. Most cannabis plants are not happy in their environment. Existing growing conditions prohibit them from expressing their vibrant colors, distinguished taste, and true pharmacological properties. Most plants are struggling to optimize the right amount of sunlight, shade, water, bacteria, fungus, rain, etc. Cana-pot™ reduces the shock of not having a luscious plantation or a perfect growing environment. Cana-pot™  optimizes the conditions in which plants can achieve their full potential.  Cana-pot™  has been scientifically designed to grow cannabis for you!  


Cana-pot™ is a hybrid growning system

Will manage your plants for you

Cana-pot™ is designed to give you mastery over the elements that impact your plant's growing environment. From seed to harvest, your cannabis plants will experience their full lifecycle in one containerized growing system. Cana-pot™ simulates ideal real-world weather conditions but isolates them from competing fungi and contaminants from our environment. You can control your plants flavor, appearance, feel, potency, cannabinoids, terpenes, color, texture, smell, etc. Cana-pot™ is great  for research and development!

Cana-pot™ is a hybrid mobile solution that can scale with your operations. Cana-pot™ supports growing in soil and growing media. Cana-pot™ is the "Best and First in Class" in that you can grow hydroponically or traditionally. Place your seeds or seedlings into the planter to start the growing process. When your ready to switch over to a growing media simply turn of the knob to create a highly saturated media filled environment. Our planters gives you the ability to adapt your growing environment to your plants physiology.