Cana-pot™ is "First-in-class"


Mobile, Scalable, and Inexpensive

Cana-pot™ allows substantially more growth than any growing system in the world. The economic return profile is substantially more attractive because Cana-pot™ provides an abundant amount of nutrient-dense cannabis  that can be grown inside, outside, at sites with polluted soil, non-arable land, on top of the mountains, in sand, in deserts, and in the middle of natural disasters.


Cana-pot™ is highlyt efficient. There is no wasted water, and you can reuse soil indefinitely. Fertilizers and chemicals are not necessary, and space is utilized in the most cost-effective way. Nutrients and water are readily available to the plants root systems, resulting in stronger and faster-growing plants.  With Cana-pot™, you don’t need to prepare seeds in a different area or transfer seedlings to a larger container. Simply place your seeds or seedlings into the planter and turn it on, Cana-pot™ can accommodate your plants through their full lifecycle.

Easy Adoption

Cana-pot™  effectively bridges the gap between old-age farming and new-age farming. It brings an easily understood solution to outdoor farmers that can be implemented seamlessly and allows them to compete successfully with factory farmers.

Data Acquisition

Cana-pot™ allows its users to step away from everyday management and even leave for an entire growing season to return to an abundant harvest. The system can provide a graphical interface to monitor and annunciate alarms with remote notifications and views of facility information in real-time.Cana-pot can be manufactured to include built-in sensors that operate without any human intervention. With a variety of alarm notification options and reports, the system is fully configurable to meet your needs. These integrated sensors can easily measure barometric air pressure, humidity, moisture, soil and air temperature, pH, and water and nutrient flow, dissolved solids, and


Stop ingesting unknown chemicals and grow organic cannabis. Cana-pot™ has a positive carbon footprint. Cana-pot™ will naturally remediate hundreds of billions of dollars in ecological damage  

Professional Growers



Excellent for medicinal use where space is premium. It allows you to automate the amount of water and nutrients needed for your plants. A timer controls the frequency of watering. 



Fully automated planter with real-time data acquisition

You can choose from a wide selection of temperature data loggers, transmitters, and probes that will integrate into your production environment. Data is logged continuously and autonomously at the point of measurement, ensuring that temperature, humidity, and other historical data are never lost to power or network downtime.